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Stand On The Rock

There are so many voices speaking right now and if you are not fully led by the spirit, you can get confused quickly.


And I’ve even had people reach out to me, comment and say horrific things.  Thinking that this has all to do with taking sides.


I’m here to tell you that the only side I am on is GODS. It’s the only side I’m allowed to be on because I fear Him and not man.


Why do believers have to stand with a certain party?


No matter WHO is representing either party, we as believers have to have a conservative view and have to stand for Pro Life, Righteousness, and for all Corruption to be exposed.


I believe both the Democratic and Republican Party both have a tremendous amount of pride. But there is only ONE party that makes itself very clear on what it stands for and that is innocent babies.


If a believer votes for the party who is for child sacrifice, that blood will be on their hands. And no matter how...

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Giving You More Time & Eyes To See

The Lord says, I’m Giving You More Time & Eyes To See


I was standing in my kitchen and heard Holy Spirit say. I’m giving you time. I knew it was God speaking.  I said, what do you mean.  So I had to sit down and listen to what the Spirit was saying.


Had this election played out right away with Trump winning there would have been an instant war. Many of God's people would not of been ready. Some are ready, but some are not ready.  They still need to prepare for what's coming and to see what’s really happening behind the curtain. The big bad Wizard is not as scary as you think.  But there will be a coming persecution that will cause a lot of fear and doubt. 


My people need to drawer closer to Me, says Father God. 


Millions have been praying and interceding on behalf of Trump; which is God's Will. But many thought there would be a major breakthrough right on election day. That did not happen.



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